Jaclyn Hill Palette Tutorial ON COOKIES!

Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s real, she’s hilarious, and she’s amazingly talented with makeup. Honestly, she is the sole reason I have any makeup skills whatsoever. The world should be thanking her every time I leave my vanity, because (let’s be honest) I look a little rough in the morning. No shame here.

In her honor, I have made some cookies that look like her new palette with Morphe! Hope you enjoy!

Things you will need to make these Jaclyn Hill Palette Cookies are:

  • rectangular sugar cookies (the cutter I used here)
  • small circle cookies (I used a large piping tip for these)
  • white royal icing
  • gel food coloring in her shades
  • food-grade alcohol (I used vodka)
  • edible luster dust in her shades
  • food-grad silver coloring spray
  • food-grade paint brush
  • food-grade marker
  • piping tip #1
  • piping bags

The steps to making this too-pretty-to-eat treat:

  1. Fill in each cookie with white royal icing. I didn’t use a tip for this. I just cut the tip of the bag off. Let dry for at least 8 hours.
  2. Paint the “eyeshadow singles” with whichever gel food coloring you would like. Use vodka or almond extract to dissolve luster dust or dilute gel food color to desired color. Let fully dry.
  3. Pipe dots on the dry rectangular cookies using white icing and a #1 tip. The palette has 35 shades with 7 eyeshadows across and 5 down. I used a template to make sure my spacing was just right.
  4. Once the dots are dry, paint them just as you did with the singles.
  5. On other rectangle cookies, use the silver food color spray to make the outside of the palette. Once this is fully dry, you can use a food-grade marker to write her signature and other details.
  6. Now, step back and soak in your masterpieces!
  7. Lastly, eat. every. single. one. So good!



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